Is there any harm in a little wine before the whine?

pregnant-with-wineDid you drink a glass of wine or two while pregnant? I admit to having a few sips during my first pregnancy and even a few glasses during my second. Both of my kids are bright, athletic (well, as much as they can be with my couch-potato genes!) and happy.

Well, the topic of pregnant women and whether or not they should drink alcohol is still a hot topic. Some women choose to abstain altogether while others take a more European approach and have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer once or twice each week.

And now a Medical Expert Says Refusing Preggo Women Alcohol Is “Sexist.”

Is it? Or is it really just a woman’s choice in the same way that choosing to eat broccoli or Cheetos is a pregnant mom’s choice? As long as we’re not talking about binge drinking that could affect her or her baby’s health, can’t we assume that a woman knows her own body and can decide what is acceptable for her and her baby?


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    Vicki said,

    I’m sorry, but I take issue with this person’s opinion. You may know your body and how much alcohol is acceptable for you, but you don’t know your unborn child’s body and how it will handle your drinking. My aunt had “a few glasses” of wine while pregnant, and her daughter has multiple behavior problems, including ADHD. I didn’t even have a sip while pregnant, and I didn’t smoke, drink coffee, or even take Advil. I wanted my daughter to have the best possible start in life, and I felt it would be selfish to have a drink when I was stressed. That is what exercise is for!! My point is this: we all know some person out there who smoked all their lives and never got cancer, and we all know someone who smoked a short time and died of cancer. Not one of us can predict how our unborn child’s body will handle alcohol – so don’t risk it!

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