By Gosh By Golly – Thanks for the Love!

Our good friend Golly, who owns the lovely boutique, Galeana just posted this terrific article on her blog, By Gosh By Golly! It is a GREAT Mother’s Day gift guide that emphasizes local San Antonio shops! Enjoy.

Yesterday I began to post gift suggestions for Moms. I started out with what I thought a more “Classic” mother might like.

Following are suggestions for the “New” or “Expecting” Moms. (My sister just had a beautiful baby girl so we’ve been very focused on this very special segment of mothers this year.) There’s nothing like the excitement of a new baby and this Mother’s Day category deserves LOTS of attention.

[click image for larger view]

1. Flip video camera; 2.;
3. door; 4. child portrait@Langmore;
5. silk; 6. pedicure from any local salon; 7.;
8. Kate Spade custom stationary@You’re Invited; 9. necklace@Bloom Maternity

I think most of the things I’ve listed here are self-explanatory, but in case you don’t recognize the Flip camera, this is one worth mentioning. The Flip is a video camera that is the size of an iPhone, so it fits in any purse. It’s easy to use (we’re talking one button to record) so even the most – ahem – technologically-challenged Mom can figure this one out. And it plugs directly into any computer (thankfully it’s PC and Mac friendly) so video clips are ultra easy to share with grandparents, other family members and friends. Simply record, upload to YouTube and voila – you’re done.

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