Kids, even when rowdy, are quite lovely

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We took our children (4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son) for an impromptu dinner out last night. It was early, about 5 o’clock and the weather, while warm, was breezy and nice. We sat on a patio at a Mexican restaurant enjoying a gorgeous view while we listened to our daughter prattle on about something or other (she’s always talking and although we love to listen sometimes we tune out to have our own conversation).

She got our attention when she said, “…and when I go to college, I’m taking my brother with me so I won’t be lonely!” My husband and I both smiled and laughed because, 1) it was an adorable thing for her to say especially since 2) she spends much of her day clobbering her baby brother. Then the waiter brought our food and we began the tricky dance of trying to eat and enjoy ourselves all while policing two small children to get them to eat and behave–no easy task.

Halfway through our meal a couple from another table who was leaving stopped by our table and the woman said, “Your children are adorable! I heard what she said about her brother. So cute. Our kids are grown and trust me, this age just flies by. Enjoy it while you can!”

Her  kind comments stayed with me all night. When you’re the parents of small children it’s so easy to get bogged down in the trenches of child rearing. You’re tired, you’re constantly busy. And it seems like your tots are always pushing your limits to see how much they can get away with. It’s exhausting. 

But, as this nice woman reminded me, my kids at this age are quite adorable too. And this time will pass quickly. It seems like my daughter was just a baby the other day so I know how fast time flies.

Our kids are really lovely (even when they’re pushing my buttons!). I’m grateful for the sweet couple who took time out from their dinner to remind us what’s really important.


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