Old Men Having Kids


Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

A few weeks ago, Allison blogged about a woman in England, Elizabeth Adeney, who is 66 and about to give birth to a baby she conceived with the help of IVF. Allison pondered the question: Do you think 66 is too old to become a Mom?

On tonight’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, actor Jeffrey Tambor, 64, announces that his wife, who’s 41, is pregnant with twin boys. The couple already has two children, Eve Julia, 2 ½, and Gabriel Kasper, 3 ½, and Jeffrey also has adult daughters from previous relationships.

It is different for an older man to become a father than it is for an older woman? Sure the mother, at any age, bears the brunt of a pregnancy physically but both parents must be physically and emotionally fit to take on the task of raising children. I suppose if you’re a celebrity and have lots of money it’s easier because you can hire help.

But is there a double standard when it comes to older women vs. older men becoming parents? I have yet to see an article questioning Tambor’s choice to become a parent so late in life. So far the coverage about his babies-on-the-way have been cheerful announcements. While in the article about Elizabeth Adeney she was “defending” her choice to become a parent. 

I’d like to think that becoming a parent, at any age, if that’s what the person wants, would be cause for celebration. But what do you think? Is 64 or 66 too old to have a child? What if you’re a man? What if you’re a woman? 

First of all, if Jeffrey and his wife have the stamina to handle a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old and twin boys, more power to them. And secondly, the good news about all of this for me is that I can reassure my husband he’s not the oldest dad in the world after all. We had our second child together when he was 54!


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