Supergoop! Sun Protection for the Whole Family

For those of you that don’t know me, my husband or our children, we are the fairest of fair. All blondies and blue eyes. Our son is translucent. Our daughter can tan but it takes months!! Just like her mama. Sunscreen is a MUST for us – everyday – no matter what. Plus, skin cancer is prevalent in my husbands family. As Dr. T says, “90% of lifetime sun damage occurs during incidental daily exposure. Whether walking outside, or just driving in the car, damage from UV rays is cumulative throughout your life.”

So who better to blog about their love of Supergoop than me…..

With Vitamins A, C, & E SPF 30 Organic Protection for the Entire Family

With Vitamins A, C, & E SPF 30 Organic Protection for the Entire Family

Supergoop!! Top 10 Reasons my family loves it….

  1. It stays on for a long time. I do reapply about every 2 hours if we have been sweating or swimming.
  2. A little goes a long way. I have had the same Super Small Pump since Spring Break and there is plenty left in the bottle.
  3. It is a great moisturizer. Our youngest has eczema so he needs a sunscreen that will moisturize. I leave it on his chest of drawers and use it on him everyday. He knows the difference between regular sunscreen and Supergoop!
  4. Quickstick rocks! It is my new favorite. I use it mainly on there little faces, but I caught myself using it on my chest the other day when I was out in the sun. I keep one in my purse as well as in our pool bag.
  5. It’s organic!
  6. No sticky, smelly concoctions – it’s the real thing. It glides on, just like a regular light-weight moisturizer. I also use on my face and it doesn’t clog pores.
  7. No parabens.
  8. It absorbs really quickly which is perfect for applying on squirmy 4 and 5 1/2 year old bodies ready to explore the world.
  9. The Super Spray is a 5 oz. REFILLABLE spray – so I buy the 15oz. Super Small Pump and a Super Spray Pump and refill, baby! One more way Dr. T’s is Eco-Friendly.
  10. Shop Texas!!! Dr. T’s is produced in Dallas, but the founder and CEO of the company lives in San Antonio. Oh yeah, and she’s a woman!!

Ready to give Supergoop! a try? Let’s go shopping – and to sweeten the deal, the shipping is on us! Just type in “supergoop” in the coupon code when you check out!


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