How Mommy Mixer Saved Me

mommymixerAs a work from  home mom I count on a few things to make me successful: 1) my mad business skills, 2) a qualified preschool for my daughter, and 3) a loving, responsible person to care for my toddler son. I had #1 and #2 covered but back in April I was struggling with finding #3: a great babysitter for my son. Allison invited me to attend a Mommy Mixer she was hosting at Bloom and now I have not one but THREE wonderful, caring, responsible babysitters for my baby boy.

I wrote about the details of what to expect at a Mommy Mixer. But now, after using the sitters I met there, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mommy Mixers to my friends and family and you!

The three young ladies I contacted following the mixer came over to our house (separately, of course) for in-depth interviews and to meet the kids. Although the hired babysitter would be taking care of my son most of the time there would be times that his sister would be with them too. I needed to make sure that both kids liked and respected the sitter I chose.

All three women are either in college or have recently graduated. I hired all three of them because their schedules vary, as does mine, and having three people I can count on prevents situations where I might get caught without babysitting help. In the last two months all three sitters have been on time, responsible and great with my kids. I expected one or two to flake out on me every now and then because that was the experience I’d had with other sitters in the past, but so far that hasn’t happened. They truly understand that I need them to be responsible and here when I ask them to be.

So thanks, Mommy Mixer, for finding these great young women on our local college campuses. You’ve got a great method for recruiting top-quality babysitters. And that’s why I’ll keep recommending you to everyone I know who’s looking for babysitting help.

Bloom Maternity is hosting another Mommy Mixer on Tuesday, July 7th at 6:30 p.m. For more information and to register to attend please contact Allison. You can also read my detailed review of Mommy Mixer and visit the main Mommy Mixer web site for more information.


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