My Budding Artist

My five year old loves to draw. She draws lovely pictures of princesses in flowing gowns, she loves to to make flowers, she even writes notes to her classmates and actually mails them! This past weekend she drew me a picture of a heart and carefully folded it up and placed it in a mashed down cardboard box with lots of stickers. I hugged her and thanked her and told her what a great artist she was and then threw it away. Sad huh? So maybe I lose my parent of the year award, but I just can’t keep all of the drawings she makes or I’d be buried in printer paper, glitter and stickers. I am not that cold hearted, I do keep the artwork that I think is very special. In fact I bought these great giant art folders for each child which allows me to keep my home a little more clutter free by organizing and keeping specials drawings and craft projects.

art, art for kids

What do you do with all of the drawings that your kids make?

And yes, I felt guilty when I didn’t bring home my heart drawing. In fact I always feel a little guilty when I throw away things that they have made. How do you stay organized? Do you keep every picture that your kid makes?


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    This is tough for me too. I love the sweet art projects and want to keep them all but if I did I’d eventually have to move our furniture into the street. There is just SO MUCH ART. Someone once suggested that I take digital photos of each piece of art before I trashed it, thereby preserving its memory forever. I’d do it too, if I was that organized!

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      allisonhayne said,

      Lisa Mares who owns Artworks suggested making color copies, creating a notebook of artwork, laminating pieces for placemats, etc…all great ideas.

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    Christie said,

    I once heard a great idea about having a wall or section of a wall that you assigned however many picture frames per child (let’s say 2 per child or something like that) and then you put their artwork on display on that wall and as new pieces come along you just cycle them through keeping only the “best” ones they make in some sort of a baby/memory book.

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