I Went on Vacation with 2 children and it Rained…..

Every year I travel to my homeland of Florida, Northwest Florida to be exact and hang at the beach for a few weeks. We always have our schedule of activities all ready – hit the beach, pool, tennis courts, water parks, etc., but guess what happened this year… it rained – A LOT!!! So, what to do with 2 children, ages 5 ½ and 4 during vacation when it rains? Time to get creative. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles. We bought a box of 8 different puzzles in 1 box. These happen to be Disney puzzles but there was something for everyone – 100 pieces to 500 pieces.
  • Bubbles!!! Bubbles on the porch, on the balcony, you name it. Bubbles always save the day.
  • Baking! Cookies are always easy and a crowd favorite. Popsicles are also lots of fun to make – it’s the waiting that’s the hard part.
  • The obvious rainy day activity – going to the movie! Summer time is pretty easy when it comes to finding a kid friendly movie. Kids don’t care if they’ve already seen it 6 times, they’re always ready to go to the movie especially when popcorn is involved.
Kids love to bowl!

Kids love to bowl!

  • Bowling! We love to go bowling with our children. So much so that our 4 year olds most recent birthday party was at a local bowling alley and it was perfect! Make sure they have bumpers that can be raised when your little ones turn comes up. Our 5 ½ year old won by a landslide and the 4 year old tied with my husband. I believe I bowled a 60+ which is a record!!
  • Bass Pro Shops or the equivalent! Seriously! Our children LOVE this place – and why not! There is a huge aquarium there and they can climb all over boats, 4-wheelers, etc. I’m telling you, you can spend hours in one of these places with some really happy kiddos!
  • Fort building – before we left in early July, my sweet mother-in-law gave the kids all these games and art supplies for the 13 hour road trip. One was this glow-in-the-dark doodle pad. So the kids and I built a “cave” between 2 twin beds and turned off the lights and they spent a good hour doodling. This also works great with just regular flashlights.
  • Sidewalk/Parking Garage Art – We vacationed in a condominium so there was a parking garage downstairs. In the children’s art box we have sidewalk chalk – we took it down to the parking garage and had a field day. We pushed the envelope on this one but we had a great time and managed to not get into trouble!
  • Game night! We love to play games with the kids – Uno, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, etc. We made a night out of it and everyone got to pick their favorite game. Good family time!
  • Inside picnics – can’t picnic by the pool or on the beach then bring the picnic inside!!
  • Arts & crafts – jewelry making, coloring, mosaics, shell painting/glittering – you name it. They can sit there for days and days!!
  • Building – Lincoln logs, legos, anything!! I don’t know about you but my brother and I use to spend days building these elaborate castles and buildings with legos. My children just recently discovered Lincoln logs and they rock!! It took them a little while to figure them out, but after a quick lesson they were building hamster planes and hamster hotels like a real professional! Yes, we have a hamster
  • Throw them in the tub! Always good clean fun and they love it. Didn’t bring the toys – they could care less! Tupperware, water bottles – anything that they can dump water out of works great!

Hope some of these ideas are helpful to you all in the future.


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