I Survived My First Week of Cloth Diapering!

Ok, so I have been spouting since my baby was born (10 months ago) about how I wanted to cloth diaper. I even gave it a brief try with prefolds, but struggled. Every time I threw out a disposable diaper I had a twinge of regret knowing that nasty dirty diaper was going to be sitting around this earth for such a long time. But good grief, aren’t disposable diapers convenient? I try to be green. We recycle at home. We even compost. So I really wanted to give cloth diapering a go.

How cute am I in my hot pink PUL with black microfiber!

How cute am I in my hot pink PUL with black microfiber!

I tried to think what was the main reason holding me back. It was information. I didn’t know what in the world I was doing. So we held a class on cloth diapering at Bloom! I was a great success. I learned a lot. We are now carrying GAD diapers at Bloom so in the process of getting the diapers on the website I had to do a lot of homework. I had no clue what pocket, AIO, etc…were. So it has been one week of cloth diapers in this household! Very exciting. But for some reason cloth diapers make me really apprehensive. Does anyone else get freaked out about it? I am constantly worried that the diapers are going to leak. I didn’t wash/dry them the right way. That they are uncomfortable on  the baby (crazy, especially if you have felt GAD diapers. The bamboo and microfleece linings are like butter. Almost makes you wish you had underwear as soft!!) I think the first problem was not enough diapers. I only bought five, just to see how it would go. Well, you can imagine how fast I was doing laundry. I have bumped up to 8 or 9 diapers now. It is enough but I am still doing laundry daily. I could use about 8-10 more pair just to save myself some work. I am getting used to the poop. Actually, it is getting much better. My 10m old is recovering from a double ear infection and we are now on antibiotics. I am thinking it wasn’t the best week to get started with cloth diapering, but you gotta start somewhere. I still have so much to learn. I would like to try some other brands out I think. I am digging the pocket diapers. What are your favorite cloth diapers?? It is hard getting used to that big fluffy butt. I am definitely going to size up in pants to accommodate for the extra fluff.

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