Fun Finds from ABC Kids Expo

We love ABC Kids Expo for so many reasons! It’s VEGAS, it is a weekend without the kids, oh and least I forget there is a really great kid’s expo. The Las Vegas Convention Center is chuck full of really cool kids products. This year we found tons of new stuff and as it arrives in the store we will be featuring it on the blog and on the website!

Miss Dodie and her flip flop Jazzy Toes socks!

Miss Dodie and her flip flop Jazzy Toes socks!

Ok, so Jazzy Toes aren’t a new product but they are new to Bloom and man are they the cutest things ever!!! We are all familiar with Trumpette socks. Adorable little socks that look like mary jane shoes, etc…my problem with Trumpette socks is that they are sooo darn small! I took home a box of Jazzy Toes and immediately put them on my 10 month old and they fit! Whoo hoo. They have a lot more stretch than the Trumpette socks and the designs are hilarious. My personal favorite is the flip flop! Check out my daughter wearing the socks, they look real. Oh, and we have the Hampton Variety Set for Boys too and I just love the Teva sock. This makes a great gift! The price is right and every baby needs socks no matter what time of year they are born. Get your Jazzy Toes Hampton Variety Pack at Bloom!


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