Chuck the Yuck!

Morning sickness sucks. Motion sickness sucks. But what really sucks is when you have to throw up say in your car or on a plane or out in public!! Some people I know have children that get sick just driving around town in the car. This particular mom keeps a lovely bowl or maybe it was a jar in the back seat for junior to get sick in. Yuck. But, I have been there before. One weekend we were headed to West Texas, just a mere 7 hour car drive and my oldest daughter woke up sick. We got her in the car and handed her several 13 gallon trash bags. That is all we had. Ridiculously large, not very convenient and super wasteful. Thankfully my daughter only threw up 2 times and then she was ok. Sure wish we knew about Chuck the Yuck!

Chuck the Yuck Vomit Bags!

Chuck the Yuck Vomit Bags!

Chuck the Yuck is a hip line of barf bags, designed to dispose of all pregnancy and kid-related yuck. From morning sickness and motion sickness, to everyday yucky stuff like dirty diapers and half-eaten ice cream cones, Chuck the Yuck is a convenient and stylish way to catch and toss it all.

The fold-over twist closure ensures that they are smell resistant, and the watertight lining keeps the yuck where it should be…in the bag. With Chuck the Yuck in your diaper bag, stroller, handbag and car, you will always be prepared for life’s yuckiest surprises!

Get your 5-pack of vomit bags today! Know someone who just found out she is pregnant? These would make a really funny gift!!


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    Susie said,

    What a hilarious shower gift!

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