Day 4 – Save on Cloth Diapers and Accessories

Cloth diapering is as easy as disposable and a lot better for the environment!

Cloth diapering is as easy as using disposable diapers and a whole lot better for the environment.

Day 4 of the 12-days of Christmas sale gives you the opportunity to SAVE on cloth diapers and accessories. You don’t cloth diaper but have been thinking you might want to give it a try? Did you know that you will spend over $2,500 for one child on disposable diapers? Compared to that, cloth diapering is affordable, you can re-use cloth diapers on siblings down the road, the colors and styles are super cute and it is GREAT for the environment! Here is a great way to get just a few diapers and see how you like it! All GAD diapers have been re-priced TO INCLUDE a microfiber terry insert!! Regular price $20 for the two pieces, now only $16. Need detergent for your cloth diapers? Get some Rockin’ Green! Want to make cloth diapering even easier? Bummis flushable liners make dealing with the poop a whole lot better!! Diapers, wet bags, dryer balls, detergent, liners, bamboo wipes….we’ve got everything you need! Happy shopping.


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