Vaginal Delivery: What Really Happens

Ahh, I love social media. What an invaluable resource for information, when used correctly! Thanks to one of my Twitter followers who brought this fantastic blog article to my attention! Having had 3 children myself, I hadn’t really thought about the difficulty of childbirth, especially when my deliveries were such a piece of cake. But did you know that the cesarean is the most common operation in the U.S., it is performed in 31% of births.

Don't allow fear or medical degree's get in the way of what is to be a positive, loving experience for you and baby. Your vagina will thank you later.

So, for all you Moms out there, here is a GREAT article about what really happens during a vaginal delivery. Enjoy. Oh, and after you have that baby, beware of jumping on trampolines…and coughing…and sneezing. LOL. Thanks Type A Mom and Ellen for the article!


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