To Market and Back

Last week I journeyed to Dallas for Market. I’ve always heard small boutique owners talk about going to market, and it always seemed like this far off place in Never Neverland. For those who love to shop, it’s a dream come true.

Dallas Market

What would seem to some as a glorious shopping trip is to others a daunting task. For two days I probably viewed over more than 1,000 items of clothing. Then add maternity and baby accessories on to that. The smartest tip I received? Wear comfortable shoes.

15 floors of showrooms at Dallas Market

One of the most refreshing maternity lines I saw for the Fall comes from Lilac. The co-owner and co-designer Becca Taylor presented the line to me. After owning a maternity store and listening to the needs of their customers, she along with her sister started to design maternity clothes.

Lilac Maternity

What I loved about their line of clothes is that they transition so well from maternity to post-maternity and beyond.  Plus the clothes are stylish enough for those who are never pregnant but want to hide a few bumps here and there. Another benefit?  Their fall line provides a nice mix and match of items where three to five pieces can turn into six to 10 outfits. Becca is spunky and smart and I think her clothing line is a perfect reflection of her personality.

A non-pregnant Becca wearing Lilac

Will I choose the right styles for all of you Bloomers? Will I choose the items that will help you transition from maternity into motherhood? I sure hope I do, however if Bloom Maternity is missing something that you think would benefit you and all other mothers out there, please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to provide for you.

Post-Market Homework

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