Pregnancy TMI?

Last week I stumbled across The Today Show covering a story about the new phenomenon called WombTube. These are expectant mothers who post videos of their pregnancy test results as they receive the news and place it on-line. This is hitting the news as being rather controversial for various reasons.

My favorite WombTube video I discovered via It almost made me teary-eyed. Almost.

What are your thoughts? Is this too much information in the Digital Age? Or would be this a great way to surprise your husband by announcing that you’re expecting a new bundle of joy?


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    Jennifer said,

    I saw the segment, too, and my first thought was “There is a NAME for this?” My second thought was that, yes, it would be difficult to deal with if, God forbid, something went wrong with a pregnancy. But, any harder than it’s going to be anyway? I don’t think so. This is no different than people who chronicle their children after they’re born or people who post about weight loss. At the end of the day, if you want to post about your pregnancy then more power to you. If someone else doesn’t want to read it/view it, then they don’t have to! 🙂

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