The Potty Training Pressure

A couple of months ago I read a news story about “elimination communication” on How early is too early to start training your toddler baby to start using the toilet?

To be honest, I refused to place pressure on my oldest when he was a one-year-old, knowing that there was going to be an addition to the family soon after he turned two. He was going to have enough added stress in his life — a new sibling, starting preschool, etc. Though my husband nagged encouraged me to start placing him in “big boy” underwear, I dug in my heels.  And I’m glad I did.

I’m also glad that I send him to a preschool that has never once pressured me to start potting training. As long as I send along enough diapers for the week, they are happy.

And that makes me and my little Sunbeam happy.


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