The Pox or Not?

The Suspicious Bumps

Spring has been in the air, and like most of you out there — the Bloom household can’t seem to kick whatever is going around these days.

Last week Sunbeam came down with a high temp. By the time I got him in to see the doctor some small red dots appeared on his hand. Doctor said whatever he had was viral, but he was about a day or two away from a full blown ear infection. More antibiotics and off we skipped home.

The next day those little red spots had burst into blisters all around his mouth and hands. Off to a pediatric urgent card clinic he and my husband went, only to be told that — gasp — he had Chicken Pox (along with a double ear infection)!  The guilt started to engulf me because only two days prior we had his three year-old birthday party; so I frantically started notifying all his friends’ parents.

Two days later I’m back at the pediatricians’ office with Baby Firecracker who also has a high temp. The pediatrician said “no” to Chicken Pox and “yes” to Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease.  This makes total sense because the incubation time between the two illnesses was only about four days.

So our week was a roller coaster. Though in the end it didn’t really matter if it was Hand, Foot & Mouth or Chicken Pox. They both still sound like they’re viruses from the barn yard and they both require quarantines.


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  1. 1

    I’m so sorry! For the diseases and for the birthday party changes. I hope everyone feels better soon and you get to party!

  2. 2

    Bloom Maternity said,

    Everyone is in good spirits this week. Though we had the party at Kiddie Park during the time Sunbeam was contagious. I wonder how many families experienced HF&M late last week? Luckily the blisters and bumps didn’t itch!

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