Time to Stock up for the Summer!

Bloom Maternity’s spring line is arriving and these clothes just make me with I was pregnant again.  When I was pregnant I loved the bright colors and bold designs by Olian Maternity. I never felt guilty about buying tops from Olian because they worked great for my transition wardrobe post-pregnancy, and to be honest, I still wear a top or two 10 months later.  I love them so much, and nobody suspects that they were originally maternity tops.

Another one of my favorite maternity lines is Japanese Weekend. Their clothes are so comfortable to wear. They design wonderful During & After (d&a) tops that are meant to be worn during pregnancy and after pregnancy. They also provide stylish nursing tops that make breastfeeding easy while out of the house.

I know trying to find plus-size maternity clothes can be tricky; so that’s why we were excited to discover that Bellyssima carries sizes up to XXL. And if you need comfortable pants that don’t fall down — we also stock Noppies in sizes Small to XXL.

Mores styles and sizes are arriving every week, so please be sure to check back at BloomMaternity.net often to see our latest additions. You won’t be disappointed.


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