Swimming Into Summer

I’ve been spending the last two weeks every day at the pool, waiting while my sons are in swim lessons. This time last year I was nine months pregnant, and this heat reminds me how hot is was then.

In fact, I remember dragging my husband to the store to buy a swimming suit and he commented that I shouldn’t be investing in a maternity swimsuit because the baby was about to be born. Why waste the money?  My response was I didn’t care if the baby was born next week, I’m getting into the water!

It was the best investment I made. Just being able to float and feel like 20 pounds had been removed from my torso was pure bliss.

So what are you doing this summer to stay cool? Perhaps I can encourage you to jump into the pool with at 15% discount on all swimsuits at BloomMaternity.net. Just use the promo code SWIM15.

BloomMaternity.net has hard to find maternity swimsuits in size 3X, and for nursing moms we also offer a stylish swimsuit that makes it easy to feed the baby.

So go ahead and do something just for you.  Your sanity will thank you.


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