Prenatal Massages

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I love massages and I loved them even more when I was pregnant. My two pregnancies were two years apart, and boy could I tell the difference in my body between the two.

For one thing, I waited to have children — placing me closer to 40 vs. 30. And secondly, I was really bad about excercising. At the time I had a very full time job for a local non-profit and it didn’t provide much extra time for taking care of myself once I fit in family duty at home.

After complaining to the doctor about how miserable I was due to the baby sitting so low on my pelvic bone, he suggested prenatal massages. After getting over the guilt of doing something for myself, I booked bi-weekly appointments with my massage therapist and was so happy I did.

I would walk into the appointment in pain from my pelvic muscles, relishing in the thought that over the next few days I was going to be pain free. Not only did the muscles in my leg and hips loosen up, but so did the area around my diaphragm, so I could breath easier. That’s the magic a good massage therapist can do for you.

Before booking an appointment, make sure you consult with your physician to make sure it’s okay during your pregnancy. If it is, then it will be well worth your time.


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