Beaten Up By a Sunbeam

Beaten up by a sunbeam

Just a reminder to all that the sun is brutal and we need to make sure our are babies covered in sunscreen.

Last week the Food and Drug Administration issued new rules for labeling sunscreen.  Though confusing, the New York Times wrote a concise article to help resolve the confusion.

In an excerpt from The New York Times is this important recommendation for Moms: “In tests of 22 sunscreens, Consumer Reports found nine to be effective against UVB and UVA and ranked three as “Best Buys”: Up & Up Sport SPF spray (88 cents an ounce) at Target; No-Ad With Aloe andVitamin E SPF 45 lotion (59 cents); and Equate Baby SPF 50 lotion (63 cents). “

Though I’m usually very good about lathering the boys with sunscreen, yesterday we missed a spot or two.  Here’s my Sunbeam after he got beaten up by the another sunbeam. Unfortunately his baseball hat didn’t quite cover up his eyes. I’ll be saving this article for future reference to make sure I’m doing all that I can to help my children preserve their skin for the future — and mine too.


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