Boys, Boys, Boys

The sweet age of three.

What is it about boys and their Mamas?

When I was pregnant with my first child, Sunbeam, all the other mothers who had boys told me that boys LOVE their mothers.  I thought that’s nice, but didn’t quite believe them.

Now that Sunbeam is three years old I must admit I am the apple in his eye. Starting at 18 months he could hardly be in the other room without calling me to make sure I was near by. The other day Sunbeam had his father phone me so Sunbeam could tell me that he missed his “Mama Llama” and that he wanted me to hurry and join him at the park.

There are days when my heart just melts. I just love this stage.

However I’m noticing a shift. He’s starting to miss Daddy during the day too. So I’m savoring every minute so I can remember what it was like when it was Mom whom he loved to be with every single second.

What is it about boys? They just grow up so fast.


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  1. 1

    Fay Gibson said,

    That is too sweet.

  2. 3

    Kari said,

    My boy is 10 now and he still is a Momma’s boy! Hugs and loves on me all the time….oh, put us in public though~~completely different story, but I respect that! 🙂 He’ll never stop being your little boy! 😀

    • 4

      Bloom Maternity said,

      Thanks for the insight Kari. It’s good to know this won’t fade quickly, but will transition into a different phase — which is what love often does.

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