A Full Night’s Rest

After 14 months, I’m happy to announce that Firecracker is finally sleeping through the night.  Oh, this has been a long journey as many of you understand.  Many a friend has given me advice:

1. Give him a bottle of water when he wakes up during the night.
2. Let him cry back to sleep during the night.
3. Stop nursing him.
4. Etc…

Did I pay attention to any of these? No. Of course, I had to do it my way, and I’ve paid for it over the last 14…sleepless…months.

What did work for both of us?

1. Give him a bottle of formula when he goes to bed (and this was harder said then done. Firecracker did not like formula until we tried Enfamil Toddler 2 after he turned a year old)
2. Place a Huggies over-night diaper on him.

Now he is not sleeping like a baby (a baby wakes up several times a night).

But then I wonder, why am I now so exhausted after getting a full night’s rest?


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