Throw Mamma Llama Under the Bus

My three year-old Sunbeam and I have been in a really bad habit over the past few months. Before summer started he went to bed really well by himself. However after traveling to see family and sharing a bed, my Sunbeam has decided that he can’t go to sleep with out his “Mama Llama.”

“Mama Llama, come snuggle with me,” he begs in his sweet voice. The look on his face makes denying his request hard. However guilt rushes over me when I think about all the things I couldn’t accomplish during the day — like laundry, cleaning the kitchen, keeping up with my online store, blogging, etc.

Finally I told my husband earlier this week that I needed “me” time at night. “No problem,” he said. “I’ll step in and intervene,” and for the next two night he did a superb job.

Then last night I overheard my hubby make a deal with Sunbeam: Go to bed without the boon (pacifier) and Mommy with snuggle with you.

Ten minutes later Sunbeam marched out of his room, handed his boon to his Dad,  looked over at me and smirked.

And that’s when I felt like I had been thrown under the bus. I saw my personal time slipping away as we snuggled another evening away.


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