Embracing Today

Firecrackers sips on OJ.

Today my heart broke into a thousand pieces when I read a post by another mommy blogger — she lost her 3 year-old son on Sunday. I can’t imagine the pain she and her family are going through this week.

This made me stop and reflect: I need to cherish every moment with my family, for I never know when I won’t be able to hug them next.

So when Sunbeam said he wanted to go to the coffee house with me today while I worked, I said, “Let’s all go and have hot chocolate.” I gave up some few precious hours that I usually spend working on the store to spend with him and his brother.

In return I captured moments that made me chuckle as I relayed them to my husband.

Like a photograph, cherished moments should be captured with our time.



I sent this photo & the following message to Sunbeam's email account: "Today you asked to go to the coffeehouse with me. So we all went: you, me, Ethan & Aunt Betty. You chatted with my friend Beverly and invited her over to your house to play with your toys. You asked a stranger for her name. When she asked you for your's you said, "I, Brock." You wanted to go shopping today and go to the zoo. You didn't want to run back to the house because your tummy was too full of hot chocolate. We had the perfect morning together."


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    Heather said,

    Verklempt. This is as good as it gets.

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