“The Louboutin of Strollers”

Called the “Louboutin” of strollers by Moxie Photography, mother of twins.


“THE STROLLER:  it really does ROCK.  Thanks to ELLEN at Bloommaternity.net (BTW, she is local).  She showed me the what I think was a prototype or one of the first production models months ago.  IT really is so cool and does so many things.  and the fact that it acts like a single stroller is the best.  People all over town keep coming up to me commenting on the stroller.  Wow, its like the Louboutin of strollers.”

Wow Nikki! Thanks so much for this great review for the phil&ted Promenade Stroller.

Nikki is a mother a five, with the youngest two being infant twins. Besides having her plate full with being an awesome Mom, she’s also a kickin’ professional corporate / infant / family / senior-year photographer that is very popular in San Antonio, TX.

Check out Nikki’s blog over at Moxie Photography to get a peek into the busy life of a professional photographer, mother of five with infant twins mixed in. All I can say is that her life is not boring.

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