Baby Getting Heavy?

Babies don’t stay small for long.  My son’s pediatrician would scold me for carrying him around in his car seat saying, “You’re going to hurt your back.”

Here are some recommendations for helping carry the baby was he/she gets older.

1. Rockin’ Baby Slings have beautiful designs in both pouches and slings. Plus for every sling sold they donate one to mothers in Haiti.

Rockin’ Baby Pouch

2. If you like to keep the baby in the car seat — especially if he/she is sleeping — consider using a Padalily Handle Cushion to help the pressure on the inside of your arm.  As your child gets older the cushion can later be converted to use on a seat belt.

Padalily Handle Cusion

phil&teds Smart Stroller

3. Nothing easier than toting your baby around, than in a fold-up stroller. Our favorite is the phil&teds Smart stroller. The seat is soft; they use material similar to croc shoes, which makes it comfortable for your little one to ride around. Plus it is light enough to make storing it in the car easy. What we like about the stroller is that it adaptable to use with a car seat, and the stroller seat has the option to face out or towards you while you’re walking.

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