Thirty Blogs to Help Create A Safe Sleep Environment

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New parents like to think of their baby’s nursery as her safe haven, and that her sleep will always be peaceful and free from danger. This is, however, not always the case. While sleeping might seem like a risk-free activity for a baby, the truth is that there are some factors that parents and caregivers must take into consideration in order to protect the safety and well-being of the precious little one in their care.

The internet is home to what seems like an endless stream of blogs, many of which are dedicated solely to parenting and childcare topics. These blogs can be a treasure trove of valuable information on sleep safety; here are 30 that feature sleep safety and related posts very prominently.

Crib Safety

During the first few months of her life, your baby will spend a significant portion of her time sleeping in her crib. Because this small space makes up so much of her world during this period, it’s important that you educate yourself as thoroughly as possible on how to keep it safe and secure for her.

  1. New Crib Safety Standards
  2. Baby Crib Safety: Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Choosing a Crib: Crib Safety 101
  4. New Crib Safety Guidelines: What Parents Need to Know
  5. Choosing a Safe Modern Crib


Few things are as terrifying to a parent as the idea of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While the exact cause of SIDS is still unknown, the number of unexplained infant deaths has dropped considerably since 1992, when the American Academy of Pediatrics released findings that babies who sleep on their backs tend to be at a lower risk than infants who regularly sleep on their stomachs.

  1. Preventing SIDS
  2. How to Prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and Avoid the Development of Flat Head Syndrome
  3. How to Prevent SIDS
  4. 10 Tips for Preventing SIDS
  5. Preventing SIDS Requires More Than Putting Them Back-to-Sleep

Pacifier Use

For such a small piece of rubber and plastic, pacifiers sure have been known to drum up a lot of controversy. Parents and caregivers who find the devices to be valuable comfort objects sing their praises, while others swear that they affect the formation of a baby’s mouth and increase her risk of needing expensive orthodontia as she gets older. Recently, however, studies linking pacifier use to safer sleep and a reduced risk of SIDS have brought the binky back to the forefront of parenting debates.

  1. The Great Pacifier Debate
  2. Pacifiers Protect Against SIDS, But What About Breastfeeding?
  3. Pacifier Use and SIDS
  4. What’s Wrong with Pacifiers?
  5. Should You Use a Pacifier? The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers

Nursery Safety

The safety of your little one’s nursery can affect not only how safe she is when she sleeps, but also how safe she’ll be as she gets older and spends more alert time in her room. Creating a secure environment for your new baby to grow and learn is a popular topic for bloggers; these posts cover the spectrum of opinion and personal experiences.

  1. Tips For Choosing Safe Paints For a Nursery
  2. A Checklist For Creating a Safe Nursery
  3. How to Create a Safe & Non-toxic Nursery for Your Baby
  4. Rest Easy, Baby: The Secrets of a Safe Nursery
  5. Creating a Safe Nursery for Baby

Sleep Routine

Establishing a safe sleeping routine for your baby requires that you make sure that how and where she sleeps are both in accordance with safety guidelines, regardless of what time it is or how much sleep you’ve missed out on.

  1. Baby Sleep Basics
  2. How Room-Sharing Affects Your Baby’s Sleep
  3. Getting Baby on a Sleep Schedule
  4. Bedtime Routines: The Key to Sound Baby Sleep!
  5. Safer Sleep for Babies: New Guidelines

Bedding and Bumpers

Despite the American Academy of Pediatrics’ strong stance on soft bedding, plush toys, and crib bumpers, some parents insist on using these items for their baby’s comfort. Crib bumpers, in particular, have been banned by the city of Chicago, but are fiercely defended by parents who feel that they protect a baby’s head from injury.

  1. Baby Bedding and Safety
  2. Bumping Bumpers?
  3. New AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines: Bid Bye Bye to Crib Bumpers
  4. Chicago’s Crib Bumper Ban — and What to Do with Your Bumpers
  5. Crib Bumpers — Yay or Nay?

While the web can be a vast sea of useful and accurate information, no blog post replaces the professional opinion of your pediatrician or family doctor. Be sure to consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your child’s routine in order to ensure that all advice you’ve received is accurate and medically sound.


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