Six Halloween Safety Tips When Passing Out Candy

It’s time to stock up on candy, find the best costumes and prepare for a night of spookiness! Trick or treating can be fun if it’s safe for everyone, including the homes passing out candy. Here are 6 safety tips to read before passing out candy this Halloween:

Lights: The general rule of thumb when passing out candy from your home is to turn your front porch light on. This will attract trick or treaters to visit your home for candy. At the end of the evening when you have run out candy, turn off your light and lock the door. Do not answer the door once your light goes off.

Wrapped candy: Only pass out wrapped candy from the store. This will help other parents feel at ease as their children consume the candy that you pass out. Be sure to throw away any wrappers that may have opened partially.  Avoid passing out coins or homemade items.

Check before you open the door: Always look before opening the door to trick or treaters. You never know who could be standing outside. If you have a bad feeling, don’t answer and wait for them to leave. There have been past incidents where adults dressed up in costumes charge the home at entry. Always be aware.

Stand in numbers: Do not pass out candy alone or allow your child to pass out candy on their own. Stand at the door with your child and make sure that there is another adult in the home near the front door. Not only is this the safest way to pass out candy but can be helpful for when your front door gets lots of tricky or treaters.

Cut off time: Some neighborhoods announce a cut off time for trick or treaters, turn your lights off and lock the door at the suggested time. If it is not announced then typically around an hour after dark falls, take a look at the street, if you see few people, go ahead and turn off your light and lock the door. Bring in anything on your front porch, like candy, décor and pumpkins.

Report: If at any time you see something unusual or get an odd feeling, don’t be afraid to call the local police. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Speak to your neighbors before Halloween night and perhaps call the local police to come out and patrol the area during and after Halloween to make it safer for everyone.

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