Mother & Father Pregnancy Tips

Let Dad be part of the planning too.

Pregnancy can be an exciting, yet worrisome time for mothers and fathers alike. While the mother is going to be handling the brunt of the situation, the father plays an important role as well. Learning to work together as a team can produce long term relationship success and a good environment for your child to come into.
1. Fathers – Be supportive…There are some women out there who may feel like they can’t depend on the father to pull his weight. It’s understood that the father may not always be in the picture in some cases. Those women that do have him around need someone they can rely on. Fathers need to be supportive throughout every aspect of the pregnancy. When the expectant mother has a doctor appointment, the man should be there as well. This shows the mom that he is involved and genuinely interested in bringing this life into the world. Men should ask questions and be as much a part of this pregnancy as the mother.

2. Mothers – Help yourself…After the mom knows she has the support of the father, things can go much smoother. She shouldn’t have to stress out about every little decision because they can be made together. She should ask her doctor any questions she may have about her child. This can be very reassuring and help with mental stability. The mother won’t be lying awake at night thinking about something that she should know the answer too. Also, they should make sure to take the doctor’s advice and follow the nutritional and physical guidelines that have been established.

3. Mothers and Fathers – Work together…Communication is very important. Neither the mother nor father should make an important decision without consulting one another. If they have found out the sex of their child and are planning on making a nursery, work together. Discuss the paint scheme, furniture, and layout with each other. If there are two differing opinions, come to some sort of compromise. Go to every appointment and class you can together. With both parents being involved in the pregnancy, it can help build a stronger relationship. These effects will last even after the birth of the child.

Bringing a child into this world is a joy. Why should just one parent get to enjoy this miracle? They shouldn’t. The mother and father each play separate but important roles during pregnancy. The mother has to take care of herself and actually give birth. The father needs to be supportive and helpful at all times. It can sometimes be trying. No one is perfect. Trying to understand each other’s needs and responsibilities however, will make the experience a much more positive one.

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