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Motherhood vs. Work – Does everyone feel the pain?

Career_TheUltimateJugglingActIt’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately: motherhood vs. work. Can you really have it all?

When I started my own business after working just a few hours a week for a previous employer, my role as mother shifted. Of course I was still mommy and I continued to do my fair share of diaper changes, late night feedings, giving baths, handling bedtime, playing games and tending to boo boos (no matter how hard or how long I work at my job I’ll always be a mom!). But I became a working woman again too and by the very nature of that, I started seeing my children less.

My work hours extended from 10 a week to 40+. That meant my daughter started spending more time at preschool and her brother met several new babysitters. And while I was confident in the care they were receiving and I was thrilled with my  new professional life and growing business, I still felt the mama guilt seep in.

Of course, I’m not the first mama who’s wondered if she’s doing the right thing by trying to have it all. Celebrity Baby Blog recently ran a story about actress Jane Kaczmarek, a mother of three, whose career took off just as she was starting her family. Although she was thrilled with her professional success she conceeded that the long hours she worked and the times she went days without seeing her children were very difficult. She recently arranged her schedule so she works much less than she did before and now she’s able to spend quantity and quality time with her kids.

I’m on the opposite end of where Jane is right now. My kids are young and my business is too. Providing the nurturing needed by both my kids and my business is a balancing act I have yet to perfect. Truth be told, I’m the one who ends up suffering. My children are my priority so I make sure to spend plenty of time with them. But my business and the commitment I’ve made to my clients is obviously important too. I often work long hours, late into the night, to be sure I get everything done.

It can be tough. My life is super busy these days. But I also find it invigorating to work hard at both motherhood and business and “have it all,” as long as I remember that sleep isn’t included in the “all.”

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Old Men Having Kids


Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

A few weeks ago, Allison blogged about a woman in England, Elizabeth Adeney, who is 66 and about to give birth to a baby she conceived with the help of IVF. Allison pondered the question: Do you think 66 is too old to become a Mom?

On tonight’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, actor Jeffrey Tambor, 64, announces that his wife, who’s 41, is pregnant with twin boys. The couple already has two children, Eve Julia, 2 ½, and Gabriel Kasper, 3 ½, and Jeffrey also has adult daughters from previous relationships.

It is different for an older man to become a father than it is for an older woman? Sure the mother, at any age, bears the brunt of a pregnancy physically but both parents must be physically and emotionally fit to take on the task of raising children. I suppose if you’re a celebrity and have lots of money it’s easier because you can hire help.

But is there a double standard when it comes to older women vs. older men becoming parents? I have yet to see an article questioning Tambor’s choice to become a parent so late in life. So far the coverage about his babies-on-the-way have been cheerful announcements. While in the article about Elizabeth Adeney she was “defending” her choice to become a parent. 

I’d like to think that becoming a parent, at any age, if that’s what the person wants, would be cause for celebration. But what do you think? Is 64 or 66 too old to have a child? What if you’re a man? What if you’re a woman? 

First of all, if Jeffrey and his wife have the stamina to handle a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old and twin boys, more power to them. And secondly, the good news about all of this for me is that I can reassure my husband he’s not the oldest dad in the world after all. We had our second child together when he was 54!

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