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Is Your Stroller over 20 lbs?

Weighing in at 12.6 lbs, phil&teds SMART stroller can easily breeze through airport security

We’re in the midst of the nation’s busiest travel season, and for those of you who haven’t traveled with a baby in recent months, might be surprised to find out that at least one airline won’t let you take your favorite jogging stroller behind the security gate.

That’s what I found out this summer when I was traveling on American Airlines. When I arrived at the aiport I was told I couldn’t take my stroller with me in the airport because AA had instituted the following policy:

“Strollers that are large, non-collapsible or over 20 lbs. must be checked at the ticket counter.”

Traveling alone with a 3 year-old and a non-walking 12 month-old, I was stunned. However the ticket agent had mercy on me and allowed me to take the stroller through to my destination since this was such a new policy.  On the return flight, a few tears helped me get the stroller past security again, however I noticed my stroller was conveniently baggage checked (& unaccessible) when I stopped in Dallas for my lay over.

Be sure to check your airline’s policy for strollers before you arrive at the airport for this Holiday season.  For those of you traveling on American Airlines, here’s their policy posted on-line:

Actually American Airlines told me the new stroller restriction was a FAA policy, which I believed until I traveled again a couple of months later. Flying with a different air carrier, I called to verify the stroller restrictions and the airline laughed at AA’s policy. They said that was like restricting wheelchairs behind the security gate for travelers.

We’ll see if other airline carriers take note and institute the same inconvenience for mothers.

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Enter the Bloom Maternity Summer Contest: Why is This Summer Different?

phil&teds Explorer Buggy

We know why it’s different for us –- because we’ve just started a brand new maternity retail business. But we want to know why it’s different for you. How is being pregnant or having had a baby changed your summer outlook?

Click on the link below and tell us in 25 words or less and you could win a phil&teds Explorer buggy valued at $480.

Contest ends June 21, 2011 June 30, 2011 and the winner will be featured here. Good luck!

Contest Link:
Fill out my Wufoo form!

Now here is why I love the phil&teds explorer stroller: The phil&teds explorer has the ability to accept an infant car seat and the phil&teds doubles kit at the same time. The explorer is ultra adaptable as it can grow from a single stroller into a double tandem stroller with the addition of the doubles kit.

Whether one kid or two in tow, you’ll appreciate the extra large parcel tray. The phil&teds explorer features a fantastic one hand fast fold allowing you to swiftly fold the buggy in one smooth action. You can easily adjust the 5 point harness because of our patented slide & lock technology. The seat can easily be reclined with one hand. The flip-flop friendly pedal brake can be turned on and off with just the touch of a foot. The phil&teds explorer includes an interchangeable padded seat liner for supreme comfort of your precious passenger. With the contoured, vented Seat Performance System, your little one will experience increased postural support. The explorer features a large follow-the-sun canopy with two side pockets and a flip-out visor.

This is the only stroller you’ll need from a newborn to two toddlers* (yes, two!) — servicing your family in seven positions that you’ll only need.

*additional doubles kit is not included in this promotion.

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Stroller Strides at the ZOO!

The sun is shining, I can feel it, Spring is almost hear!! It’s time to get outside and enjoy all of the beautiful flowers and trees that are beginning to bloom.

Your Workout, Your Kid's Playgroup!

Stroller Strides is a group of moms who want to get outside, spend time with their children, socialize with other great moms and children…and get in great shape!

The next session for Stroller Strides Alamo Heights will be meeting at the San Antonio Zoo! How cool is that. This won’t even feel like a workout. Stroller Strides classes at the Zoo will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am. Certified in pre- and postnatal fitness, Tristin Burell will lead you in a fun workout while everyone can interact with their children in their strollers at the ZOO! Work on cardio and muscle tone and work every major muscle group in each class.

Your first class is FREE (so bring a friend!) and the workout is perfect for ANY level of fitness. Jogger strollers not required but if you need one I know where you can get one!

For more details please visit the Stroller Strides Alamo Heights website, email Tristin Burell or giver her a call at 210-535-5710.

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Out with the Sport Buggy, In with the BOB

Don’t forget to register in the post below to win a FREE Babycook!

Phil & Teds Sport Buggy

The Phil & Teds Sport Buggy with optional doubles kit

For three years I have owned the Phil & Teds Sport Buggy. It has suited my needs just fine. I love the doubles kit option – turning the stroller into a double stroller on an as need basis! The Sport Buggy also reclines completely flat, which I never used until my 3rd child and it was a great feature to have when it was nap time and we were out and about. The reason I chose the Phil & Teds originally was that my kids are all 2 ½ years apart and they attend a Mother’s Day out program. I wanted a single jogging stroller with the option of a double stroller only when I needed the double stroller.


The BOB Revolution stroller shown in mesa orange, makes me want to get outside.

Then along came BOB. BOB was handsome, sleek and had everything that I needed in a stroller. I waited and waited and then finally gave in and purchased a new BOB Revolution. I love my BOB Revolution because it truly is the only stroller you need. Purchase the infant car seat adapter and you can throw your infant car seat right onto the stroller (click here to see list of car seats compatible with the BOB).  The seat reclines 70 degrees from vertical, which is great for a sleeping child. The canopy is huge, the largest in the industry and probably one of the main reasons that I bought the stroller, especially since the canopy on the Phil & Teds is so small. Somebody was using their noggin when they made this stroller; there is a sun flap that keeps the sun from coming through the back when the seat is reclined!!

With the front wheel unlocked, you can go anywhere and do anything with your BOB Revolution. Lock the front wheel and it extends the wheel base giving the stroller more stability and creates one heck of a jogging stroller. When you are ready to load your stroller up in the car it couldn’t be any easier to fold up.

The BOB Revolution makes me want to get outside and with 10 extra pounds of baby weight I need all the help I can get! I had a great run with my Sport Buggy, but I am looking forward to many wonderful miles with my BOB.

Additional accessories for the BOB Revolution include:

  • Handlebar Console (you must have this accessory) – $19
  • Infant Car Seat Adapter – $54
  • Sunshield – $65
  • Travel Bag – $99

All accessories and prices listed above are for a single stroller.

What is your favorite stroller and why? If you could have any stroller you wanted, what would you get and why?

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