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Hailey Pink Flower Top by Lilac


2 in 1 Play Dress / Skirt by Japanese Weekend. Sale $36.95 | @BloomMaternity

2 in 1 Play Dress / Skirt by Japanese Weekend. Sale $36.95

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YouTube Tuesday: Celebrity Inspired Maternity Style, LIVE from The Couch w Style Expert Pamela Pekerman

Get inspired by celebrity mom’s to be, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton. Style Expert and Mom2Be Pamela Pekerman shows you how to shop smart & sexy while pregnant.


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Wordless Wednesday: The Stroller that Grows with the Family

phil&teds Dot Apple Inline Stroller | @bloomMaternity

Last model in Apple, in stock now at Bloom Maternity.

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YouTube Tuesday: Celebrity Fashion


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Celebrity Baby News

Michael Buble on Naming Baby | @BloomMaternity

Michael Buble’s says his pregnant wife Luisana Lopilato is “killing” him with baby name ideas. Credit: Michael Buckner/AMA2010/Getty
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A lot of celebrites are expecting babies this year. Find out what Michael Buble thought about conceiving his child, and what he thinks about the baby naming process over at US Magazine.

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Cribs & Kids {Giveaway Ended}

crib&kidsWhen I was shopping for the baby’s nursery, trying to find quality furniture that was affordable was painful. When it arrived, the instructions were confusing and translated incorrectly. The assembly part was frustrating to my engineer husband, who finally had to design a couple of wood pieces to make it all work.

I wish I had a resource like Cribs & Kids, who recently opened at The Vineyard Shopping Center in San Antonio.

As the largest baby showroom in the city, Cribs & Kids is the brain child of Courtney Santillano and her husband.

What I loved about Cribs & Kids was how they designed mini-rooms to showcase the more than 30 sets of furniture they sell.  Plus each mini-showcase gives you wonderful decorating ideas for a nursery.   They sell furniture from Baby’s Dream, Munire, Young America, Nursery Classics and Dutailier.

Courtney has wisely chosen furniture that is sturdy and built to grow with a child. The Young American brand caught my eye. My boys loved the bunk bed that was featured, and I really like the dresser that matched it, and it’s large array of drawers. I really felt like this is a nice durable set that could withstand two rowdy boys.


Young American Harbor Town Bunk Bed and Storage Drawers

Crib & Kids is also a full design center to assist you in creating your dream nursery or children’s room. Their staff can help you create a space for your child that is a balance between style, character and functionality.

Of course they have more in their store besides cribs, changing tables and dressers — they also have an array of cute baby gifts, strollers, mattresses, diaper bags, and more.


I fell in love with the owl baby hat.

Crib & Kids is giving away a Baby’s Dream Crib (or $200 credit towards children’s furniture). One winner will be selected and can choose from either the Baby’s Dream Brooklyn Crib (espresso) or the Baby’s Dream Chelsea Crib (white). The value of the crib is $399. Please note shipping will NOT be included (it can be picked up in-store). Additionally, if the winner elects for the $200 credit, it may only be used towards furniture.

Congratulations to Laura H-D for winning this giveaway!


Baby’s Dream Brooklyn Crib or the Baby’s Dream Chelsea Crib | @BloomMaternity

The Bloom Blog has no relationship with any product, service or brand mentioned in this post. All reviews in this post are my own, and I was not compensated for this post.

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How to Stop Grocery Store Meltdowns

How to Stop Grocery Store Meltdowns  | @bloommaternityWhile ordering your groceries online and having them delivered is certainly one option for moms who want to avoid incurring a grocery store meltdown when their toddler is in tow, in reality, that’s not always the most practical grocery shopping solution. Fortunately, with a little advance planning and preparation, people will be staring at your toddler because he’s so well-behaved instead of gawking at him for tipping over the candy display in aisle four because he wants candy now.

The key to avoiding a grocery store meltdown is to prepare to prevent one. Taking overtired, hungry toddlers to the grocery store is setting him up for a meltdown. Grocery stores are stimulating places. There’s so much to touch, see and hear and it can be really hard for toddlers to keep their hands to themselves – even when they are at the top of their game. Developmentally, toddlers are at a stage where exploration is how they learn and experience their world. They want to see, touch and hear everything. Timing your trip to the store when your toddler is well-rested and well-fed will reduce the likelihood of a meltdown.

The next most important thing you can do to prevent a grocery store meltdown is to lay out the expectations you have for your child in advance. “We are going into the grocery store. We are getting dinner foods. We are not getting candy. I need you to walk beside me and not touch items on the shelves.” Only when your children know your expectations can they live up to them. Telling your child to be good isn’t good enough. Providing clear and concrete expectations will help your child understand what you expect him to do while in the store.

Telling your toddler what he can do is just as important as telling him what he can’t do. “While we’re at the store I need you to drive the car.” “I need you to look for carrots.” “I’ll need you to help carry the box of crackers.” Assigning your toddler manageable tasks will help him be invested in ensuring the trip is a success.

Offering a motivator is another way you can decrease the likelihood of a meltdown.  Offering up an “If you don’t touch things on the shelves, when we are finished shopping we will stop at the playground for a bit” will go a long way in facilitating cooperation. Consider your toddler’s currency. What does he love most? Playing outside? Getting a special treat? Spending one-on-one time with you? Figure out what motivates him most and offer a motivator that speaks to his head and heart.

Following through is key to sending the message you mean what you say and you say what you mean. If you offer your child a motivator, be prepared to deliver. If you threaten to leave your cart and walk out the grocery store if he touches something on the shelf one more time, be prepared to pick him up and  head out. Empty threats won’t fool your child. Once he knows you won’t follow through be prepared to be tested.

Going to the grocery store doesn’t have to be a horrendous experience. In fact, it can be pretty stress-free if you set yourself and your toddler up for success. And if you find it’s not, there’s always Peapod or your local online grocery delivery service.

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