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The Orgasmic Birth

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During my first pregnancy with Sunbeam, I was fascinated by all the labor advice was I was given by friends and total strangers. The most advice seemed to have been from men, of all people. I was told to go for the natural childbirth, no I should consider the Bradley Method and hire a douhla. Others would tell me that an epidural was the only way to go.  Why prove my womanhood by going through so much pain?

If I had heard about this other birthing method while pregnant, I doubt I would have chosen this approach. Alicia Silverstone blogs about it over at her site The Kind Life. Honestly, having an orgasm while delivering my male child isn’t how I want to remember him coming into the world.  However this approach might appeal to a few of you — after all, why not have a little pleasure while you’re hyperventilating while pushing for your’s and your baby’s lives.

However if an orgasmic birth isn’t for you, then here’s a list of 12 methods that might be an option for you.


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The Celeb Baby Boom

Victoria Beckham on the cover of Vogue

Goodness, everytime I turn around I’m reading about a celebrity whose pregnant or just welcomed their new bundle of joy. One of the more fun aspects of celebrity baby watching is finding out what they name their newest family member. Will they be traditional or just a little outside the box?

So congrats to the following:

  • Alicia Silverstone whom just gave birth to son Bear Blu on Thursday.
  • Victoria Beckham is expecting a girl. covered her baby shower hosted by Eva Longoria.
  • Carey Hart and Pink are expecting their first child.
  • Emma Bunton “Baby Spice” gave birth to her son Tate on Friday, May 6.
  • Bryan Adams and  Alicia Grimaldi had a daughter Mirabella Bunny on April 22. (I’m surprised they didn’t name her Heaven.)
  • The Game star Tia Mowry is expecting a boy on July 3, 2011. You can see her pregnancy photo here.
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe on April 30, the couple’s fourth anniversary.

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