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Day 10: Spuds Bowl, Plate and Utensils

Day 10 - 12 Days of Christmas | Spuds 20% Off | @BloomMaternity

Day 10 – 12 Days of Christmas | Spuds 20% Off | @BloomMaternity

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You’re Still a Winner!

So maybe you didn’t win the beautiful sterling silver disc necklace from Hot Mama but you are still a winner!! That’s because you can save $20 on your Hot Mama order now through Sunday when you shop online or in the store and use coupon code “happymama2010”!!

Hot Mama 14kt Gold Disc Necklace with Faceted Stone

If you already own a Hot Mama necklace, don’t forget about the new faceted stones that will add a little extra sparkle to your favorite necklace! They are available in 14kt gold or sterling silver and come in a variety of different colors!

Don’t forget that the last day to place orders without a rush fee is Sunday, April 25th!

Swank Mommy has a great selection of discs, loops, and tags!

Custom name jewelry is perfect for:

  • Moms
  • Grandmothers
  • Sisters
  • Aunts
  • Sisters-in-law
  • Best Girlfriends
  • Cousins

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Swank Mommy – The Perfect Gift and on Sale!

Bloom is thankful for all of our fabulous friends and customers! We love helping you find the perfect outfit, decide on the exact stroller that your family needs and finding you fun and unique gifts! Our store is closed today but our online store is ALWAYS open! Our Thanksgiving sale is in full swing! Save up to 40% on ALL clothing and accessories. Save 10% on select strollers and accessories.

Swank Mommy Birthstone Disc Necklace

TODAY ONLY, SAVE 15% ON THE ENTIRE LINE OF SWANK MOMMY JEWELRY. Swank Mommy jewelry is a great gift for Moms, grandmothers, aunts, friends, godmothers, etc…commemorate the most important dates in your life with a piece of Swank Mommy jewelry. Enter promo code “GIVETHANKS09” when checking out! Happy shopping!

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Fun Finds from ABC Kids Expo

We love ABC Kids Expo for so many reasons! It’s VEGAS, it is a weekend without the kids, oh and least I forget there is a really great kid’s expo. The Las Vegas Convention Center is chuck full of really cool kids products. This year we found tons of new stuff and as it arrives in the store we will be featuring it on the blog and on the website!

Miss Dodie and her flip flop Jazzy Toes socks!

Miss Dodie and her flip flop Jazzy Toes socks!

Ok, so Jazzy Toes aren’t a new product but they are new to Bloom and man are they the cutest things ever!!! We are all familiar with Trumpette socks. Adorable little socks that look like mary jane shoes, etc…my problem with Trumpette socks is that they are sooo darn small! I took home a box of Jazzy Toes and immediately put them on my 10 month old and they fit! Whoo hoo. They have a lot more stretch than the Trumpette socks and the designs are hilarious. My personal favorite is the flip flop! Check out my daughter wearing the socks, they look real. Oh, and we have the Hampton Variety Set for Boys too and I just love the Teva sock. This makes a great gift! The price is right and every baby needs socks no matter what time of year they are born. Get your Jazzy Toes Hampton Variety Pack at Bloom!

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Daily Tea – Clothing for Boys and Girls (3m-5T) ON SALE!

Daily Tea; Mix-n-Match Knit Wear for Boys and Girls

Daily Tea; Mix-n-Match Knit Wear for Boys and Girls

Daily Tea is adorable knit wear for boys and girls. Nothing is priced over $30. Purchase 6 pieces and it creates 9 outfits. This is the perfect clothing for summer and back to school! Daily Tea is marked down 30%. Take advantage of these great markdowns and stock up on kids clothing now!

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Free Babywearing Class at Bloom – Pouches and Slings Welcome

Come learn the joys of babywearing.

Come learn the joys of babywearing.

Bloom is hosting it’s monthly FREE Babywearing Class on Thursday, June 18th from 5pm – 6:30pm at our Basse Rd. location. Come learn about a little known secret to keeping your baby close, content, and safe while you are hands free.  Wearing your baby is an age old tradition with endless benefits for you and your little one.  This informative class will cover the basics and you will have the opportunity to try them on yourself. Bring your own sling or pouch or try any of the pouches available at Bloom Maternity. We have a great selection of pouches by Rockin’ Baby, Tango Baby and Baby K’Tan. Babies and toddlers are welcome to join us! If you want to attend please RSVP to The class is FREE but space is limited.

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Lilypadz: fantastic alternative to breast pads

lilypadz-2Before I had my first baby I created a breast feeding arsenal and filled it with every imaginable tool I’d ever need including tubes of Lansinoh, nursing bras, a nursing bracelet to keep track of feedings, and boxes of traditional, bulky nursing pads. Just days before my daughter was born I heard about a product called Lilypadz. Hedging my bets and wanting to make my intro into breast feeding as painless as possible (Ha! AS IF!) I bought a pair and threw them into my handy box of nursing supplies too.

madonna-cone-braIt’s a good thing I did. My breast feeding experience would have been a whole lot less pleasant without Lilypadz. I did try traditional nursing pads because I had some on hand but I hated the bulky, scratchy pads because they leaked, chafed and make me look like Madonna during her unfortunate cone-bra experiment.

But once I used Lilypadz, I never went back to traditional nursing pads. Why would I? Lilypadz are comfortable, reusable and, most importantly, effective. And as any nursing mom who’s had an embarrassing breastmilk leak in public knows, effectiveness in a breast pad is worth its weight in gold.

Lilypadz adhere, gently, to your skin and halt the flow of breastmilk. They keep your breasts from leaking and, because your nipples aren’t sitting in soaking wet cotton for hours on end, there’s no chafing either.

lilypadz-1Lilypadz are reusable so, at $25 per pair, you end up saving money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying disposable nursing pads. I got at least 4-5 months of wear out of each pair I purchased. Lilypadz are also easy to clean: just wash them in hot, soapy water and dry them thoroughly after each use and be sure to boil them for a few minutes every few days. You’ll be amazed that their adhesive stays effective and holds up over several months of use.

Now, whenever my friends get pregnant, Lilypadz is my go-to baby shower gift!

Lilypadz are available in our store and online at Bloom Maternity.

Madonna image courtesy of OC Register. 

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