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Day 2 — 12 Days of Christmas List

Bravado Bra Sale

Day 2 offer expires Dec. 9, 2012.


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Swimming Into Summer

I’ve been spending the last two weeks every day at the pool, waiting while my sons are in swim lessons. This time last year I was nine months pregnant, and this heat reminds me how hot is was then.

In fact, I remember dragging my husband to the store to buy a swimming suit and he commented that I shouldn’t be investing in a maternity swimsuit because the baby was about to be born. Why waste the money?  My response was I didn’t care if the baby was born next week, I’m getting into the water!

It was the best investment I made. Just being able to float and feel like 20 pounds had been removed from my torso was pure bliss.

So what are you doing this summer to stay cool? Perhaps I can encourage you to jump into the pool with at 15% discount on all swimsuits at Just use the promo code SWIM15. has hard to find maternity swimsuits in size 3X, and for nursing moms we also offer a stylish swimsuit that makes it easy to feed the baby.

So go ahead and do something just for you.  Your sanity will thank you.

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The Secret War Against Breastfeeding

I came across this article today and it really hit home with me. I was a complete failure at breastfeeding. I felt like with my first child I was bombarded at the hospital with too much information about how I should breastfeed.

Long before electric blenders and Gerber baby food, infants got most of their protein from human breast milk until their 2-year-old molars allowed them to chomp on animal tissue.

Long before electric blenders and Gerber baby food, infants got most of their protein from human breast milk until their 2-year-old molars allowed them to chomp on animal tissue.

With my second I was a lot more successful, I lasted about 6 weeks. With number 3 I thought surely I can do this, no problem. I was engorged within days and threw my hands up in defeat. I really wanted to breastfeed but the demands of my daily and personal life just made it so difficult. That, coupled with a lot of mis-information and lack of support made my decision to stop the breast and switch to formula very easy.

It is amazing to think how our ancestors survived. It was breast or death! They had no excuses like I did. I hope I can support all of those breastfeeding Moms out there. I like to think that Bloom provides it’s customers with the equipment and emotional support that they need to continue to breastfeed. Although in the end, it is ultimately a Mother’s decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed.

The Secret War Against Breastfeeding

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Lilypadz: fantastic alternative to breast pads

lilypadz-2Before I had my first baby I created a breast feeding arsenal and filled it with every imaginable tool I’d ever need including tubes of Lansinoh, nursing bras, a nursing bracelet to keep track of feedings, and boxes of traditional, bulky nursing pads. Just days before my daughter was born I heard about a product called Lilypadz. Hedging my bets and wanting to make my intro into breast feeding as painless as possible (Ha! AS IF!) I bought a pair and threw them into my handy box of nursing supplies too.

madonna-cone-braIt’s a good thing I did. My breast feeding experience would have been a whole lot less pleasant without Lilypadz. I did try traditional nursing pads because I had some on hand but I hated the bulky, scratchy pads because they leaked, chafed and make me look like Madonna during her unfortunate cone-bra experiment.

But once I used Lilypadz, I never went back to traditional nursing pads. Why would I? Lilypadz are comfortable, reusable and, most importantly, effective. And as any nursing mom who’s had an embarrassing breastmilk leak in public knows, effectiveness in a breast pad is worth its weight in gold.

Lilypadz adhere, gently, to your skin and halt the flow of breastmilk. They keep your breasts from leaking and, because your nipples aren’t sitting in soaking wet cotton for hours on end, there’s no chafing either.

lilypadz-1Lilypadz are reusable so, at $25 per pair, you end up saving money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying disposable nursing pads. I got at least 4-5 months of wear out of each pair I purchased. Lilypadz are also easy to clean: just wash them in hot, soapy water and dry them thoroughly after each use and be sure to boil them for a few minutes every few days. You’ll be amazed that their adhesive stays effective and holds up over several months of use.

Now, whenever my friends get pregnant, Lilypadz is my go-to baby shower gift!

Lilypadz are available in our store and online at Bloom Maternity.

Madonna image courtesy of OC Register. 

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