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Day 1 — 12 Days of Christmas List


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Kelsey Grammer and the Missing Child’s Car Seat

This just hit the news — Kelsey Grammer and family arrived at the airport, jumped into a SUV and drove off without placing their baby Faith in a car seat.

The blogs report that this is against California law.

Ah, it’s tough to be a celebrity when the media is always watching and reporting your every move.

You’re in even a tougher situation when you fly into an airport and the car seat didn’t make it with you, and is out in Timbuktu.

What to do?

What would you do?

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Airflow Planes, Trains & Automobiles {Discount Code for 10% Off}

Bloom Maternity is so excited to have picked up the heirloom quality toy line Airflow Collectibles. These darling push pedals toys are so cute, and would make your child the envy of every one on the block (Dad might just because envious too).

For the wee ones, whose legs just are quite long enough, Airflow provides a rocker conversion kit to every one can enjoy the dream of flying through the sky or driving down the road.

Airflow Collectibles’ product line includes the Airflow exclusive Red Baron Bi-Wing Pedal Plane, Navy Corsair Pedal Plane, Sky King Pedal Plane, Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane, Black Shark Pedal Plane and the Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane.

The Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane was purchased by the Ellen DeGeneres Show and modified as a stroller and given as a gift to Tom Cruise for his daughter Suri.

These would make memorable Christmas gifts for any family, and are now available through our on-line store. Now through December 15, use the discount code AIR10 to save 10% on one of these darling toys.

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