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Swank Mommy – The Perfect Gift and on Sale!

Bloom is thankful for all of our fabulous friends and customers! We love helping you find the perfect outfit, decide on the exact stroller that your family needs and finding you fun and unique gifts! Our store is closed today but our online store is ALWAYS open! Our Thanksgiving sale is in full swing! Save up to 40% on ALL clothing and accessories. Save 10% on select strollers and accessories.

Swank Mommy Birthstone Disc Necklace

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Have you ever used a surrogate? Would you ever become a surrogate?


photo credit: SXC

Surrogacy’s back in the news this week with the announcement that celeb couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting twins with the help of a surrogate. There’s also the amazing story of my friend, Angela, who is serving as a gestational carrier (the term she prefers to “surrogate.”) for a couple and will deliver a baby girl this summer.

Personally, I think women who become surrogates are incredibly generous. Pregnancy is no easy task, even when things go smoothly. Changes to the body along with hormonally-induced emotional changes can definitely take their toll. I’ve never considered surrogacy (and I doubt I’d be a great candidate at the ripe ol’ age of 38 and having had two C-sections) but I’m glad that others do.

What do you think? Would you ever consider using a surrogate to have a child? Would you ever consider becoming a surrogate yourself?

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Welcome to The Bloom Blog!


Allison & Catherine

Allison & Catherine

We’re glad you’re here! We’re Allison Hayne and Catherine Matthews, owners of Bloom Maternity, and Colleen Pence, blogger of all things parenting-related. We started The Bloom Blog to discuss the parenting questions we face as mothers every day. We’ll also showcase the hottest in maternity fashion and turn you on to the pregnancy, baby and child  products we love that will not only save your sanity but will also make parenting a lot more fun!




And, for good measure, we’ll throw in our two cents about celebrity babies and their fascinating parents. Join us for lively topics about the things that are important to you: pregnancy, babies, raising children in an increasingly crazy world and gossip. C’mon. You  know you want to!

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