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Beware of the Nipple of Free Flowing Milk

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With both my babies I decided to nurse.  Nursing can be one of the most wonderful and stressful things associated with having a baby. Unfortunately with my first child, my experience was just frustrating.

All went well for the first 12 hours. However the nurses were concerned that my little Sunbeam wasn’t providing a wet diaper and encouraged us to give him one of the 2 ounce formula bottles that they kept stock in the room with us.  I caved. That was my first mistake.

Those formula manufacturers are quite crafty by providing nipples with large holes. The result was an infant who quickly didn’t want to work for his milk, thus resulting in not wanting to nurse because Mommy’s milk didn’t come from the “nipple of free flowing milk.”

Luckily with my second baby my eyes never laid eyes on one of those 2 ounce bottles.  I don’t know if the hospital changed it’s policy, or if the nurses were a little more patient and respected my decision to exclusively nurse.  However we did come prepared by bringing a #1 Dr. Brown’s nipple and bottle to the hospital just in case feeding the baby formula was our last resort.

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