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Day 2 — 12 Days of Christmas List

Bravado Bra Sale

Day 2 offer expires Dec. 9, 2012.


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Preparing for Breastfeeding: Setting up for Success

Besides having wonderful nursing bras, Bravado Designs provides great tips for breastfeeding. Their quick tips for preparing for breastfeeding include:

1. Talk to mothers who have enjoyed breastfeeding success.
2. Watch someone else breastfeed.
3. Talk to your partner about breastfeeding.
4. Spend some time researching breastfeeding.
5. Talk to your employer if you plan to breastfeed when you return to work.
6. Set up a breastfeeding area prior to giving birth.

When you purchase a Bravado bra from Bloom Maternity, you’ll receive this and more breastfeeding tips by Bravado.

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Beware of the Nipple of Free Flowing Milk

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With both my babies I decided to nurse.  Nursing can be one of the most wonderful and stressful things associated with having a baby. Unfortunately with my first child, my experience was just frustrating.

All went well for the first 12 hours. However the nurses were concerned that my little Sunbeam wasn’t providing a wet diaper and encouraged us to give him one of the 2 ounce formula bottles that they kept stock in the room with us.  I caved. That was my first mistake.

Those formula manufacturers are quite crafty by providing nipples with large holes. The result was an infant who quickly didn’t want to work for his milk, thus resulting in not wanting to nurse because Mommy’s milk didn’t come from the “nipple of free flowing milk.”

Luckily with my second baby my eyes never laid eyes on one of those 2 ounce bottles.  I don’t know if the hospital changed it’s policy, or if the nurses were a little more patient and respected my decision to exclusively nurse.  However we did come prepared by bringing a #1 Dr. Brown’s nipple and bottle to the hospital just in case feeding the baby formula was our last resort.

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Lilypadz: fantastic alternative to breast pads

lilypadz-2Before I had my first baby I created a breast feeding arsenal and filled it with every imaginable tool I’d ever need including tubes of Lansinoh, nursing bras, a nursing bracelet to keep track of feedings, and boxes of traditional, bulky nursing pads. Just days before my daughter was born I heard about a product called Lilypadz. Hedging my bets and wanting to make my intro into breast feeding as painless as possible (Ha! AS IF!) I bought a pair and threw them into my handy box of nursing supplies too.

madonna-cone-braIt’s a good thing I did. My breast feeding experience would have been a whole lot less pleasant without Lilypadz. I did try traditional nursing pads because I had some on hand but I hated the bulky, scratchy pads because they leaked, chafed and make me look like Madonna during her unfortunate cone-bra experiment.

But once I used Lilypadz, I never went back to traditional nursing pads. Why would I? Lilypadz are comfortable, reusable and, most importantly, effective. And as any nursing mom who’s had an embarrassing breastmilk leak in public knows, effectiveness in a breast pad is worth its weight in gold.

Lilypadz adhere, gently, to your skin and halt the flow of breastmilk. They keep your breasts from leaking and, because your nipples aren’t sitting in soaking wet cotton for hours on end, there’s no chafing either.

lilypadz-1Lilypadz are reusable so, at $25 per pair, you end up saving money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying disposable nursing pads. I got at least 4-5 months of wear out of each pair I purchased. Lilypadz are also easy to clean: just wash them in hot, soapy water and dry them thoroughly after each use and be sure to boil them for a few minutes every few days. You’ll be amazed that their adhesive stays effective and holds up over several months of use.

Now, whenever my friends get pregnant, Lilypadz is my go-to baby shower gift!

Lilypadz are available in our store and online at Bloom Maternity.

Madonna image courtesy of OC Register. 

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