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Out with the Sport Buggy, In with the BOB

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Phil & Teds Sport Buggy

The Phil & Teds Sport Buggy with optional doubles kit

For three years I have owned the Phil & Teds Sport Buggy. It has suited my needs just fine. I love the doubles kit option – turning the stroller into a double stroller on an as need basis! The Sport Buggy also reclines completely flat, which I never used until my 3rd child and it was a great feature to have when it was nap time and we were out and about. The reason I chose the Phil & Teds originally was that my kids are all 2 ½ years apart and they attend a Mother’s Day out program. I wanted a single jogging stroller with the option of a double stroller only when I needed the double stroller.


The BOB Revolution stroller shown in mesa orange, makes me want to get outside.

Then along came BOB. BOB was handsome, sleek and had everything that I needed in a stroller. I waited and waited and then finally gave in and purchased a new BOB Revolution. I love my BOB Revolution because it truly is the only stroller you need. Purchase the infant car seat adapter and you can throw your infant car seat right onto the stroller (click here to see list of car seats compatible with the BOB).  The seat reclines 70 degrees from vertical, which is great for a sleeping child. The canopy is huge, the largest in the industry and probably one of the main reasons that I bought the stroller, especially since the canopy on the Phil & Teds is so small. Somebody was using their noggin when they made this stroller; there is a sun flap that keeps the sun from coming through the back when the seat is reclined!!

With the front wheel unlocked, you can go anywhere and do anything with your BOB Revolution. Lock the front wheel and it extends the wheel base giving the stroller more stability and creates one heck of a jogging stroller. When you are ready to load your stroller up in the car it couldn’t be any easier to fold up.

The BOB Revolution makes me want to get outside and with 10 extra pounds of baby weight I need all the help I can get! I had a great run with my Sport Buggy, but I am looking forward to many wonderful miles with my BOB.

Additional accessories for the BOB Revolution include:

  • Handlebar Console (you must have this accessory) – $19
  • Infant Car Seat Adapter – $54
  • Sunshield – $65
  • Travel Bag – $99

All accessories and prices listed above are for a single stroller.

What is your favorite stroller and why? If you could have any stroller you wanted, what would you get and why?

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