It’s True! A Maternity Shoe for You Giveaway

The Ashley Tennis Shoe by New Life Shoes

I had been hearing rumblings over the past several months that a new maternity shoe was about to debut here in San Antonio.

Thinking back to when I was pregnant; I remember shopping for new shoes because my feet had widened to the point of — I can’t get a shoe on past my toes! By my third trimester I had thrown all shoes out the door and only wore flip flops. (My husband has begged me to stop calling them thongs.)

So I have to give it to the fine folks over at New Life Shoes for their novel idea: to design a shoe that wasn’t a thong flip-flop for pregnant women.

I was delighted to be invited to their preview event to review the first of many designs to come: the Ashley Tennis Shoe.

Andy Kalns demonstrating the Multi-Layer Cushioning System

I was even more delighted to discover that I knew one of the designers — Andy Kalns. We volunteered together at our local PBS station. But I digress.

With other mommy bloggers, I learned that New Life Shoes originated in an OB-GYN’s office. The doctor conducted an exhaustive surveys of expectant mothers and heard an oft-repeated complaint: their feet were killing them. And there seemed to be no shoes that provided the relief, comfort, fit and support sought by the soon-to-be moms.

Are you surprised?

From there the doctor began working with shoe business veterans, Tom Adams and Mark Connors. Armed with Dr. Blank’s vision and a combined 80 years of industry expertise between them, they fashioned a cushiony, stylish shoe that pregnant women could easily adjust without bending over thanks to New Life’s ingenious Z-Fit System.

There are no laces to tie or re-tie, just a single strap that allows New Life wearers to tighten or loosen the entire shoe with one hand. The Z-Fit strap is strategically located on the inside of the foot so it’s easy to reach. The user doesn’t need to stoop or bend to tie her shoes.

How helpful is that for a pregnant mom who can’t bend over to tie her shoes?  All she has to do is criss-cross her leg up on to her knee and she can’t tighten the shoe from the inside of her foot.

Graphic by New Life Shoes

You can view how the Z-Fit System works here:

OK, so I tried on the tennis shoes and here are my thoughts:

  • They are über easy to put on.
  • Reminiscing about my third trimester, I liked being able to place my foot up on my knee and tightening them without having to bend over.
  • The shoes provide a 5 layer cushion of support and it was comfortable. I liked that fact that this shoe will expand when a pregnant foot swells with fluid.
  • Honestly the shoe is really comfortable. The week after I received these shoes I found myself wearing them around the house for extra support when my knee started to flare up. Within an hour my knee pain would subside. But those are just my knees, I can’t guarantee the same will happen to you.
  • Plus I’m ecstatic that this is a local company launching a national brand. I’m all about supporting our local companies, and I hope that you’ll join me in support this new shoe company — even if you aren’t in San Antonio.

So, do you want a pair? Of course!

New Life Shoes have been very gracious to provide a pair of shoes for me to give away here on The Bloom Blog. They just announced  name of this tennis shoe — The Ashley.

So we are giving away an Ashley pair in the size and color of the winner’s choice.  If you’re pregnant, you’ll make your feet happy.

Want to make your feet instantly happy? Be one of the first 10 Bloom Blog readers to purchase the shoes and get 20% off  with coupon code 1in3j2tentr1 on thier web store:

As for the giveaway, leave a comment below about which color (white, black or gray) and size you would like if you were the winner.

Of course, we would also love it if you would like both Bloom Maternity and New Life Shoes on Facebook.

Winner will be announced April 20, 2012 and will ship within 2 weeks after the winner is announced.

Now remember, take a load off and good luck!

Congratulation Kim — you’re #1 and was our winner! The Ashley tennis shoe is headed your way!


13 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    flutie * mcd said,

    Great post! SO excited about this shoe! If I were so lucky as to get randomly selected, I’d love a white pair in size 8 🙂

  2. 2

    Awesome! I am getting so frustrated about not being able to tie my shoes…these are perfect! I love the gray in an 8! 😀

    Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

  3. 3

    AP said,

    i need these in my life! and the name? its kismet! my husband is always on my case to wear “real shoes” while chasing after our toddler at 30 weeks pregnant! these would be perfect! I would love the grey in a 10!

  4. 4

    Deanna Knoll said,

    I’m officially in my 3rd trimester and desperately need a pair of shoes that are easy to put on!! Gray size 8 1/2 would be a great fit for me:) I already follow Bloom on FB but I’ll look for new life shoes as well.

  5. 5

    Trina Frazier said,

    WOW!!! These would be amazing. Not only for my swollen wheels but for after as well. I’m always looking for the best shoe and I now it’s here. Come on Ashley and help support me 😉 Gray (as if I don’t love this color anyway) size 6.5.

  6. 6

    Edlyn de Oliveira said,

    These sound amazing. My feet are unswelling just thinking about them. Is be a size 8.5 maybe 9. PS. We love our new Phil and Ted’s Verve stroller…and delivery was incredibly fast. It’s gonna be perfect for our new family of 4!

  7. 7

    AlainaFrederick said,

    Very nice! Totally the grey and a size 7 perhaps 7.5. Gotta love the slip on shoes and today is one of those days that we are having a freak April snow and I need to wear my flip flops!!

  8. 9

    gmalone5 said,

    Sounds great…now will the foot change size before I’m done??? Size 6 in gray!

  9. 11

    […] a little late drawing the winner for the New Life Shoes giveaway. So sorry about that, but being sick recently really kept me away from the […]

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